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Keep North Carolina’s economy
healthy and growing

  • Reduce corporate and individual tax rate to attract new businesses and jobs
  • Educate and train workforce for 21st century jobs
  • Reduce unnecessary government regulation and pass product tort reform

Lower taxes on families and businesses

  • Reduce North Carolina’s income tax and small business tax which are currently the highest in the Southeast
  • Establish a Taxpayer Protection Act to control wasteful government spending

Improve education and decrease the high school dropout rate

  • Emphasize vocational and technical training in high schools
  • Direct educational resources from the bureaucracy to the classroom
  • Improve discipline to create safe learning environments

Help North Carolina become “The Good Roads State” again

  • Eliminate corruption, incompetence and waste in DOT
  • Stop raiding the highway trust fund
  • Change the way roads are funded so urban areas can solve their own congestion and gridlock problems

Crack down on illegal immigration

  • Make English the official language of government and business in North Carolina
  • No welfare and entitlement benefits, no driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants
  • Penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants

Work to make healthcare more affordable and accessible

  • Enact meaningful medical malpractice reform to reduce the cost of healthcare
  • Provide tax incentives for businesses that provide health insurance for their employees
  • Establish medical savings accounts to help in the payment of medical costs

Keep our streets and neighborhoods safe

  • Reduce gang violence by increasing active prison sentences and confiscating assets
  • Pass Jessica’s Law - implement mandatory 25-year prison sentences and GPS tracking for child predators
  • Build sufficient jail and prison space to keep criminals behind bars

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Paid for by the Robert Rucho Committee
Copyright 2008